High School Candids

Hope you enjoy these candid pictures

taken during our high school years.

Lori Osmond


Jane Glock


(Left to Right)  Mike Reynolds, Bob Schommer, Sue Sander, Sue Schacht, Eileen Rice, Becky Rosenthal, Donna Roecker, Faye Rosenheimer (Can anyone help me identify the two guys behind Donna Roecker?)


(Left to Right)  Elaine Schneider, Bob Schommer, Sue Sander, Eileen Rice, (?), Jim Schleif, Donna Roecker, Steve Rohde, Faye Rosenheimer


Darlene Guth


(Left to Right - faces showing)  Eileen Rice, (?), (?), (?), Bill Olsen, Steve Rohde, Faye Rosenheimer, Mr. Sterchy, Floyd Rettler


Al Krueger (on his birthday)


Vicki Ecker


Cari Lewis


Jean Wilke, with Debbie Becker in background


Al Krueger with banjo, (?)